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Hello friends.

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Friends, I hope everyone is well. Friends, we often get FRP locks on our Android phones. The reason we get stuck is when we create a Google Account. But we do not remember the email address and password of the Google account. After that, if for any reason our phone resets. Google wants the account email address and password there. We often do not remember our Google Account address and password. Our phone often gets FRP locked due to not remembering.

We need two software to open FRP lock, first, we need google-account-manager this app according to our phone version. And secondly, shortcut maker these apps t. The download link is given below. Download it from there. And according to the version of your phone, Google Account Manager will search and download this app on Google.

We have different types of the necessary software on our website. Stay tuned for download links, and publish articles on Android apps reviews, and Windows software, and Blogger, and WordPress, and more.

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